&nbsp The ChangeLog are text files where all the changes in new versions are registered. They are useful for the coders, for the team which is developing the StarWars mod and for players if they need to know the new features and the fixed bugs. Here the full list of the changelogs from the version 0.2.1.b

ChangeLog 0.2.2Edit

  • - Flamethrower
  • - Rocket Launcher
  • - Shocking of the force (power)
  • - New spaceship metal block
  • - Pulling of the force (power)
  • - Spawining tileentities from schematics
  • - Bacta Health
  • - Commander Clone (mob)
  • - Commander Droid (mob)
  • - Improved AI for clones and droids
  • - Luminescent small mushrooms in Dagobah (3 types)
  • - Anakin's StarFighter (4 new spaceships!)
  • - Jedi armor (kaminoan)
  • - New jedi knights and new sith stalkers
  • - Adding few civilians inside Mos Eisley (Tatooine)
  • - Accipiptero in Dagobah (mob - flying creature)
  • - Ores in the new planets
  • - Hunters' outposts
  • - Improved jetpack resistance
  • - New items
  • - Spawning groups of clones/droids
  • - New PowerSystem behaviour
  • - New SteelFurnace
  • - New Coal Generator
  • - Crafting Recipes
  • - New images of the crafting recipes in the Wiki

ChangeLog 0.2.1.bEdit

- Removed Yoda when placing a Speederbike - You can now sleep even if there are mobs around you - In dagobah appears a message with the coordinates of Yoda's house - Fire-rate of clones/droids a bit increased - Double-saber Red now turns off correctly - Fixed small bug in the new X-Wing model - Fixed mandalorian armor's boots - When you destroy a steelfurnace, it drops a steelfurnace with all the fuels - Updated to Forge (you don't need modloader anymore) - textures work again - You won't waste the energy if you can't use the force-powers - If you die in a new planet and you exit the game, you will respawn into this planet again