Minecraft's mods modifies some vanilla Minecraft's files to apply some edits to the game. The StarWars mod tries to modify the less number of Minecraft base files, but unluckily few of them must be edit to add cool or needed features. When you try to install more mods at the same time (for example the StarWars mod with SinglePlayerCommands), you should check if they don't edit the same base files, or they will probably cause a crash of the game.

We provide a list of known compatible/uncompatible mods with the StarWars mod in this page. Check out the whole list, please. "Yet we're so bloody lazy we don't bother to fix it WHY? JUST GOD FIX IT" AND TELL US HOW!

Compatible modsEdit

ID's means that you must change blocks/items IDs for using that mod with no errors (for example using the config file where all the IDs are stored).

  • SinglePlayerCommands
  • TooManyItems (TMI)
  • NotEnoughItems (NEI)
  • slowmo mod (tipaasbase)
  • mob amputation
  • mob disestrement
  • armorstand ID's
  • more player models
  • pig compagnon
  • dragonmount
  • fusrodah
  • inv tweaks
  • Gui api (only the levels not show up)
  • CraftGuid
  • CustomMobSpawner
  • DrZharks
  • Matmos
  • QuickGuide
  • Railcraft
  • Balkon's Weapon mod
  • equivelant exchange2
  • Foresty
  • Redpower2 Full Pakage
  • Fossil archeology (addonTimemachine) ID's
  • Minions
  • twilight forest
  • thaumcraft2
  • mystcraft ID's
  • Player API but no player api mods
  • RCM
  • BetterDungeons
  • Extra BiomesXL 2.1.2 ID's
  • EnderStorage
  • spawner gui
  • TurboModelThiny
  • Buildcraft Full pakage
  • The Herobrine Mod
  • Soundpacks V1.3 or higer (the button don't work, press f4 in game)
  • Mo"records
  • SkyHouse
  • Rei's Minimap
  • Kingdoms Mod( 1.2.5 )

Uncompatible modsEdit

  • 4096 ID's fix (built in forge)
  • Smart Moving
  • animal bikes
  • Mine and Blade
  • Jammy's furniture
  • ships and boats
  • Ropes+ (Bows not working)
  • Optfine

If you are a coder/modder and want to know which Minecraft's base files we have edited, please check this list with all the edited java files.