Bounty HuntersEdit

The most dangerous category of bad guys in the Universe.

They can follow their own interests or being paid by factions to fight for them.

Being a Bounty Hunter is a lot of hard work: everybody hates you and will try to kill you. But, you know, it's not important how many friends you have, but how much money you can get!

If you choose this faction, you can use a long list of weapons, such as blasters, flamethrower, rocket launcher and jetpacks! If you have a bounty on you it's not a matter of if a bounty hunter will find you but when a bounty hunter will find you.

In addition if you wear a Special Armor, you will have many special powers included in your armor, such as Auto-Targeting and the Speed Boost.

Do you love laser-weapons and money? Then this is the right faction for you!


A bounty hunter has a wide range of weapons to their desposal from rocket launchers to snipers and Blaster rifles of course.

Rocket launcher

2012-07-19 11.32.27

Ammo for rocket launchers

2012-07-19 11.28.32


2012-07-19 11.28.07


A Pistol

Blaster AVR

A Blaster AVR

Sniper rifle

A sniper rifle

Blaster XRC

A Blaster XRC