Jedi can use the Force, a secret energy which is everywhere, Jedi are peace keeps who spend their live training in order to keep the people located throught the universe safe. In the history of the Jedi they have had many foes non greater than the sith.

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Their good intentions are obstructed by Sith, other Force-sensitives which serve the dark side to own everything and everyone.

All players of the Jedi Faction are force-sensitive and they can use many Force Powers, which will be unlocked and improved reaching new levels, thanks to the new Forcepowers-System.

Jedi are also famous for their special "laser sword": the lightsaber. Jedi are able to fight with many styles and with different lightsabers which will be found or crafted during the game.

Further Sith, they have many enemies: bounty hunters, battle droids, hostile non-sentient creatures and many other characters.

Luckily, if you choose to become a Jedi, you will have many allies, first of all the clones' army which will defend you with their laser blasters.

The most common colours of the lightsabers of a jedi are Green and Blue, but they also can hold yellow, purple, white and rarely also red,gray, and black lightsabers.

On the Earth surface you can find some jedi outposts, where you can spend your time healing yourself amongst other members of the Jedi order.