Lightsaber colors
The lightsabers are the most famous weapon of the Star Wars saga. They are laser swords of different colours and styles normally held by Jedi or Sith

These weapons are able to defend the owner from laser attacks and from other lightsabers.

They are made of a metal hue(the handle) which has a rare crystal that is force sensative.

Most commonly lightsabers are held in one hand and has only one laser generator, but there are many different types for different fighting-styles such as the double-lightsaber or 2 single lightsabers each being held in one hand.

This mod gives you the possibility of having 4 different styles of fighting, so you can use:

  • a single lightsaber
  • a double lightsaber
  • 2 single lightsabers (one for each hand of the player)
  • 2 double lightsabers (one for each hand of the player)

The styles are different for damages, speed of movements and combos.

Where can I find the crystals?Edit

Crystals are the most important part of your sabers. Underground, you will find new ores which contain the crystals for your sabers. The most common are red and green ones, but you could also find purple, yellow and blue ones?

Black and white crystal aren't generated in the ground. They can be found in secret chests or villages around the Universe.

Use a pickaxe to destroy them and a crystal will popup and you will be able to collect it?

You will have to use the crystals in your crafting recipes to craft your lightsabers?

Crafting recipes - How to make your own saberEdit

A single lightsaber is made of 4 parts.

First of all you will have to craft the upper part of your saber:


Then you will have to craft the lower part of the saber:


Now you will have to use 1 button, the 2 crafted parts and one of the crystals you have already found:


Congratulations, you have crafted a lightsaber. If you are a Jedi or a Sith, press the correct letter of the keyboard to turn it on (default is L).

If you want to do a double-lightsaber you will have to connect 2 single sabers of the same colour with redstone in this way.

SRS = saber+redstone+saber

Use 2 sabers at the same timeEdit

If you want to fight with 2 sabers (2 single or 2 double) you will have to add the second-hand lightsaber in the slot 2 of your fast inventory (the bar with items at the bottom of the Minecraft's screen).

You will see that the way you fight will change and if you will turn the first saber off/on, the second-hand saber will do the same thing.

Buying a saber from the ShopEdit

If you are a Jedi or Sith and you have earned a lot of money during the game, you can buy a saber (of every color) in the Virtual Shop. Double-lightsabers will cost more than single ones and there will be also black and white lightsabers.

Have fun with your amazing glowing swords of death! :D