2012-07-19 15.07.20
this information will become useless once the 1.3.2 update is finshed

The Power System has been implemented in the Star Wars mod for crafting or making new hi-tech items, such as the Special Armors.

This System is actually simple to use but there are many components and many ways to use it.

Cables connect the various components together.

In the first picture on the right, a cable connects a Steel Furnace with a Coal Generator.

The Generators provide the power to the other components (as the Steel Furnace) because they must be powered to work correctly.

The Generators need some fuel to release power to the whole network.

For example the Coal Generator needs coal for generating power.

Currently the Power System's components are:

You can craft all the components of the Power System (check the crafting recipes).

Your power system can be placed everywhere and in any planet of the game.

Be careful about the input/output faces of each block: the input faces get power from cables while the output faces release the power into other cables.

Some components could be very unstable or dangerous, but they could provide a big amount of energy. Use them at your own risk!