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The current power system is going to have a complete recode. News and information will be added here a lot over the next few months, yes I said months as the size of the power system is unspeakable. From simple coal generators and solar panels to nova generators and black holes generators. The new power system will be amazing, if you have played ic2 or buildcraft or redpower you will know have there own power system. Let’s start with machines. And inside of the machines we will start with power generators. Well if you didn’t figure out that generators will make power well... anyway this might get a bit complex as I will be using some programmers talk, but I think that you should be able to understand. So let’s start off with the first tier of generators. The coal generator, this is a very simple machine that can quickly damage the world, burning fossil is bad, remember from school? The entire science lessons about fossil fuels are a bad source of energy? Well we are taking this into account. First, you will lose up to 70% of power generation. Next, this machine will get dirty quickly and will need cleaning, (this means you will have to repair all the gears inside of the machine.) this lower tier version of the generator is so low tier that it can not just start by its self. You will need to heat it up first then you will need to get the internal gears moving. This is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to get a hand crank. This is hard work, Steve will need a nap after this... so how much power will I get at the end of this? Well coal is worth 30 KW but you lose some so in the end you will receive 0.2 kW. Hardly anything :( another generator is the solar panels. During the day time you will receive 0.1 kW while at night you will receive 20 KW. This could be more effect than coal generators if you create a huge network of them. (Needs finishing.)

Let’s get to the tech side of things, the power network will use a ping and pong system. Where a machine will poll the network by send a poll packet down cables. Then each poll will check if some sort of power storage or generator has power and will tell the poll creator that some power is being sent to it and then the poll packet will send the power backwards through the cable to the poll creator. The poll packet will not die thought. It will keep moving through the cables until it meats a dead end or find a cable it has all ready been through. This is the base idea for the system. So next we move onto different types of power, the power system has 3 types of power, low medium and height current. These are just posh names for how the system classes the power level. The power system will use watts. There are many different types, Wikipedia link and the system will work off this, and there will be some tweaks to the watts system used by the power system as storing big numbers takes up a hell lot of memory.

More about this topic will be added at a later time.