The power network is a massive part of the starwars mod! All machines will run of power and most items will need to be recharged or upgraded! And there is only 1 way to do this: with a brand new, never done before, power system!

  • When we say "never done before" we mean all the new cool features never seen in anyones power network's mod. Check out how many incredible things can be done with this great technology in the Star Wars mod.

Version History:Edit

Starwars Version Change Log Other/misc
  • +: first added
  • no crafting recipes
  • lots of bugs
  • partly coded into game


(Not released)

  • +: copper cable
  • +: machines
  • +: power generators
  • -: removed cable
  • -: removed old machines
  • no crafting recipes
  • less bugs
  • first stable version