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Almost all of the new armour that the StarWars mod provides are "Special".

For Special Armour we mean all that armour which contains the right technology to let Bounty Hunters (and other not Force-Sensitive factions) use special abilities and gadgets, such as the Speed Boost and the Auto-Targeting.

All of them are craftable using the Power System. They are really strong, and unlock special abilities of Bounty Hunters (for example the Speed Boots can't be used without a Special Armour's boots).

Minecraft's armour (leather, iron, gold, diamond and chain ones) aren't considered Special Armour.

Jedi and Sith can also wear the special armour to increase their protection, but their Force-Powers work independently from that armour.

Currently there are 4 different types of Special Armour:

  • Clonetrooper armour
  • Katarn's clone armour
  • Mandalorian armour
  • Jedi Kaminoan Armour

Check the crafting recipes if you want to craft them.