Tatooine is a big sandy planet used mainly as a place where merchants from all the planets come to sell and buy spice, contraband etc. Unluckily, it is famous for its Bounty Hunters which often visit Tatooine as The Hutt family quite often hire them for assasinations. The planet is also the place where both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker grew up.

Tatooine is mainly sandy and it's very hot. There are 3 different biomes: the sand desert, the rock desert and Mos Eisley (the city). The deserts are dangerous because Tuskens Raiders live there and they hate every being of the Universe, you could very easily fall victom to the Tusken Raiders if you're not careful.



Tuskens are one of the most dangerous native species and they live in small communities in simple villages.

Jawas are small native beings which are peaceful, they are mainly merchants and you can find them in Mos Eisley or in few parts of the deserts.

This planet is a giant-spaceport and a haven for criminals on the run, so you won't have much difficulties in finding non native species in the cities.

TIP: Actually, surviving in this planet is not simple, if you need something to eat, you will have to buy it from a merchant or from the Virtual Shop (in the pause menu).